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Sandy Creek - Tjaynera Falls

Top End - Northern Territory - Australia                                  

3 days


Dates available on request

Do you love photography? Do you love our Top End outdoors? Are you a bushwalker or you would love to try? Do you want to further your photography knowledge, refine your skills or discover new photographic locations?

Join Louise Denton Photography on a three day adventure!

Litchfield is a photographer's paradise. We will photograph lot's of water, dramatic rock formations, ancient cycads, clifftops views and nature all around us. There will be no shortage of beauty to photograph!

This tour is a perfect introduction to off track bushwalking in the Top End. We will visit regions not accessible by road, you'll enjoy pristine swimming holes and private bush campsite. We will guide you through  Tjaynera Falls (Sandy Creek) region.








notraces bushwalking australia

Kimberley. Western Australia

9 Days Yoga Bushwalking Tour


Purnululu was only known to Aboriginals People and a few adventurers. Listed as a World Heritage Site since 2003, Purnululu still remains a mythical and very isolated world of breathtaking natural beauty.

Purnululu National Park is a mythical and very isolated world of breathtaking natural beauty. Beyond Cathedral Gorge, beyond the famous domes and beyond Piccaninny gorge, in the heart of the park, in a world forgotten by tourists, carved by almost 400 millions years of erosion, snuggled up in lost times, 5 small gorges are hidden: “The 5 Fingers”.

The "5 Fingers" are therefore 5 small gorges, all 5 different from each other. Sometimes 200 meters high, the cliffs shrink, leaving the walker with only the space necessary for his progress. The light is dimmed, the orange red of the rock collars the daylight a light pink. The air is cooling. We evolve in a world of unreal dimensions.



Top End - Northern Territory - Australia

9 days in The Wet

Families Welcome !


Saturday 21 to Sunday 29 January 2023

9 days , 8 nights Wet Season exploratory tour will lead us to the less travelled parts of Litchfield NP from the iconic Tjaynera Falls to Tableland Falls. It will allow you to discover the heart of the park during the Wet Season in Northern Australia. We will walk through the savannah and the rainforest through the lush green landscape, admiring the ragging  creeks and the powerful waterfalls that are normally out of range. We will "bushswim" along quieter gorges in the rainy crystal waters and hopefully enjoy the luxury of cool nights.

We will explore a wild untouched world of creeks, swimming holes, cascades and gorges. Along the way, we will also have the chance to admire some few Aboriginal art sites.

Be prepared to have wet days! On the 2021 trip, it rained everyday.

Litchfield national Park is situated 100 km from Darwin. The popular tourist sites are situated in the Northern area of the park. We will walk the southern remote part where only a few bushwalkers venture.



Kimberley - Western Australia

2 weeks in the far Kimberley


11 to 24 June 2023

9 to 22 June 2024

15 Day Exploration of the Drysdale River in the Solea falls area.

South of  Solea Falls we will leave the rafts and start our 15 day exploration of the area on foot carrying packs. Those coming from Kununurra will take a seaplane to fly across the vast Kimberley to the Drysdale river.

Hidden in space and the past are the hypnotic Gwion Gwion figures, an ancient Aboriginal painting style describing a forgotten time of dancing and ceremonies.

We will walk along the Drysdale River, exploring some wet season side creeks, swimming as much as possible, fishing sometimes and camping in dream sites.

We will then meet our sea plane for our return journey to Kununurra.


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