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Bushwalking Essential Gear





Essential Bushwalking Items. This is the gear you must take on a tour with NoTraces.


There are 24 items that you will need to take with you on our tours. I added 2 more items that are included for your comfort

If you don’t want to take one or more of the 24 essentials items, please contact us.




– Backpack

Between 50 and 75 litres with quality harness. When full, your pack should weigh between 10 and 15kg. If it is more than 15kg, it means you will carry some stuff that you will not use during the walk. It is important for your comfort and wellbeing to keep the weight as low as possible. Food bags will weigh from 2 to 3kg so your pack should not exceed 12 kg before I give you the food bags


– Daypack Foldable

The daypack will be used to carry a pair of sandals, a lunch, a bottle of water, a torch sometimes and small personal gear. It should be light and simple.





– Tent

There are now plenty of single 1kg tents on the market. I strongly advise you to take the fly. Even if the chance of rain is very unlikely during the dry season, it remains a possibility.


– Sleeping bag

Nights can be surprisingly cold in Northern Australia during the dry season (May to September). You will need a 0° to 10°celcius sleeping bag, depending on how sensitive you are to cold weather. You must take a sleeping bag, it is not an option to participate without one during the dry season.


– Mattress 3 seasons

Air mattresses can be as light as 360 grams. They will isolate you from the ground and keep you comfortable at night when we will sleep on gravel or irregular ground.


– Pillow

It is not a compulsory item but for 50 grams, it will improve the quality of your nights.


– Head Torch

Take some spare batteries, even though one set should be enough for the length of the tour, it is better to be prepared.






– Bottles

You have to be able to carry 2 litres of water. I will always ask you to carry at least 1 litre during our walks.


– Cup

For tea/coffee and conviviality


– Bowl

Take a bowl wide enough to use for meals when we serve food.


– Fork

For spaghettis, noddles…


– Spoon

 For the soups, meals…Don’t forget it!





– Shoes

Your shoes must have been used for at least 15 days. They have to be comfortable and in good state. They should not be damaged in any parts


– Sandals

For the camp and for river crossing


– Socks

At least 2 pairs of light merino socks (200 base layer). Socks with 50% merinos, 45% polyamide and 5% Elastane are a great compromise. They will protect you from blisters. They are very comfortable, dry fast, and reduce odors.

If you are subject to blisters, I advise you to wear two pairs of light merino socks. It should reduce friction enough to prevent blisters


– Gaiters

Off track walking means walking in sting grass and through scrubby areas. Gaiters will protect your skin and your trousers.


– Trousers

I advise that you wear long legged trousers


– Shirt or tee-shirt:

I advise that you wear long sleeved shirts or t-shirts


– Hat

It is absolutely essential to wear a broad brimmed hat in North Australia!


– Sun Glasses

It is an essential item for sun protection


– Gloves

Strongly advised to protect your hands in scrubby areas. Personally, I take a simple pair of construction gloves. You can buy some for $5 to $10 at Bunnings






– Sunscreen

You will have to protect your naked skin from the sun at all times (never before swimming!).


– Personal hygiene

Toothbrush, Toothpaste.


– Personal First Aid kit

For small bruises and personal medication.


– Trowel

Will be necessary to dig a 20 cm deep hole for toileting. I can get a trowel for you on request.


– Toilet paper

Please reduce the amount of paper you will use. Paper can be replaced by water.













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