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Should I get insurance?

We strongly recommend you to take adequate travel insurance for the complete duration of your tour. We strongly recommend that the policy covers cancellation, loss of luggage or personal effects, medical expenses, injury, death, cost of evacuation or repatriation by helicopter/ air ambulance. If, in the event of an emergency medical rescue evacuation from a tour, either by foot, helicopter or otherwise the responsibility for any payment will lie with the client.

If the tour is cancelled because of covid outbreak, will I get my money back?

Yes, Notraces Bushwalking Australia will pay you back 100%

What is NoTraces BushWalking Australia?

It is an off-track bushwalking company running extended tours in Australia.

What level of fitness will I need?

We will be walking for 4 – 5 hours per day off track. A moderate to good level of fitness is required.

You have to be able to walk on a track for 10 km with a pack of 12kg in 2.5 hours.

What should be the weight of my backpack?

Your pack should not be heavier than 15 kg, including the group food bag (1.5 to 2 kg).

What do I need to bring?

A full essential packing list is provided on this website. Check our Bushwalking Essential Gear page.

If you don’t want to take one or more of the 24 essentials items in the “Bushwalking Essential Gear”, please contact us.

What will the temperature be?

The dry season is hot during the day with temperatures around 35°c.

The temperature amplitude can be huge inland with night temperatures going under 10°c

It is best not to look on weather sites in advance as the conditions they forecast can be quite different to those experienced in the remote areas we travel.


The wet season is hot and humid. You will not need a sleeping bag but you have to be ready for wet days.

What will happen if something goes wrong?

I always carry  a personal locator beacon (PLB) AND a sat phone.

Most minor injuries can be treated on the track, but if something serious was to arise, we can call for evacuation.

What sort of terrain can we expect?

Because we are off track, vegetation is almost always present. Walking can be from an easy flat plain to a rugged walk on loose rocks.

What is the maximum and minimum group size?

The ideal number is 10 bushwalkers.

The minimum number is 3 or 4 bushwalkers.

What sort of tent do I need to bring?

Self standing tents are strongly recommended.

Do I need special shoes?

You will need to have a sturdy pair of walking boots or shoes. Shoes have to be used for at least 2 weeks and not have any damage of any kind.

I strongly recommend wearing gaiters as well, because at times we may be walking through spinifex or thick vegetation.

Do I need to bring the fly of my tent?

During the dry season, getting rain would be very unlucky it is always a possibility. It would be a very uncomfortable night to spend under the rain.

Do I need to bring a stove?

Each day on arrival to camp I will start a fire for some hot water and to start the preparation for the night’s meal. Each morning I provide hot water for your morning coffee or tea. If you need to heat your food/water at any other time you will need to bring your own stove.

What time are we starting in the morning?

We will start at 8am in Litchfield NP and 7 am in the Kimberley (Purnululu ; Carr Boyd ranges).

What food do I need to bring?

You will need to bring your breakfast, lunches and snacks. I will provide the evening meal.

At the pre-trip meeting, I will give you a food bag to carry for our dinners. It is a 1.8 to 2.5kg bag for one week.

Can you cater for special dietary needs?

Yes if it is reasonable, I can cater for all special dietary needs. Please let me know in advance so I can understand your particular requirements. Otherwise, it may be necessary for you to supply your own food.

How much water do I need to carry?

I will ask you to carry 1 litre of water and being able to carry a second litre if necessary. I will tell you when you will need to carry a second litre of water. It does not happen often because we try to walk next to creeks.

What meals do you provide?

Every night we are out in the wilderness, I will provide a 3 courses evening meal.

Are there crocodiles?

We will only swim in pools away from the crocodile habitat. These pools are separated from the crocodile habitat by natural barriers like a high waterfall.

I will take you to areas where you can swim safely.

Are there snakes?

Yes, there are always snakes in Australia, but the chance to see a snake is very low.

We carry the adequate snake bandages, we have a sat phone and also a PLB in case of emergency.

Where do the Kimberley expeditions leave from?

We will be leaving and finishing from Kununurra.

It is approximately a 5 hour drive from Purnululu or a 2 hours transport to the Carr Boyd Ranges

Is Sebastian a good guide?

Sebastien explored Australia for 25 years before  becoming a guide.

You can have a look at Sebastien’s Bio or his Expedition History.

Are there a lot of flies and mosquitoes?

Sometimes there are not any, but you will have to deal with flies during the day and mosquitos at dusk.

Can I bring alcohol?

It is discouraged.

Is there mobile phone reception?

Whilst on the expedition, there is no phone reception.

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